TE Round 2 pcb problems? Still apply?

I noticed that you can still order brand new SF4 Round 2 TEs, and since I like that design, I was thinking of getting one.

But I read the sticky, and it mentions pcb problems in round 1 and 2 fightsticks.

If I buy a brand new SF4 Round 2 TE for xb360 now, will it still have pcb problems? Or would they be fixed by now?

Also, what exactly are the pcb problems?

Thank you.

I can ensure you the actual problems with PCBs for the Mad Catz Round 2 TE is quite rare. Most if not all PCB issues with the newer issue Xbox 360 TE PCBs as been fixed. What are the PCB problems, hard to tell as different reports will vary, it all results in something not working right any more. Many of those issues can be contributed to something else first before the PCB. Such as Joystick wire-harness is loose or a worn out push button, or even a pitched, over stretched or kinked USB cord (casing a break in a wire inside the cord).

Maybe one out of a thousand PCBs will have issues, reason you hear about it so much because those Round 2 Owners with a bad or failing PCB will speak up when there PCB goes out. Most people that are happy or fine with there TE would not speak up all the time as there nothing to say other than “look at my new shiny Xbox 360 Mad Catz TE”.

And not all TE issues are with the PCB, all it takes is a slight damage to the USB cord for a stick not to work, and that is not a problem exclusive to Round 2 PCBs or Mad Catz sticks but all USB devices. All it takes is 1 out of 4 wires in the USB cable to have a pitch where the wire is broken anywhere in its 6 to 10 feet of legnth (depending on the USB cable) for it to stop working. Improper storage of the cable such as wrapping the cable tight around the stick too many times will do it.