TE Round 2 Stick Not Working


I just recieved my stick in the mail yesterday, and i played a few hours of SSF4 on it. The buttons stopped working right before i stopped playing. After i picked up MvC3, the buttons did not work a brief while, then started working again, and i played all night and what not.

Now the buttons are not working. Does Madcatz fix problems with controllers? Can i get a replacement? Is this fixable?

The stick, and home buttons still work, It’s just the buttons giving me grief.


I have no dropped it, spilt anything on it, or have even eaten anything near it. Also its for the PS3


If the stick is still new from the retailer or MadCatz directly the stick is still under warranty. Following advice Markman gave others; I suggest you to call (do not email) MadCatz up and arrange for your stick to be sent in for a replacement.


Think this is something i could potentially fix myself? i paid like $14 for the initial 2 day shipping, it would almost be a waste to send it back and then get it back in like 2 weeks.


I gave it a good shake and its working again, i figure something is just loose?


That doesn’t sound right. If you want, call in and the customer service will take care of it for you.

If you purchased it from the GameShark store, let them know that you just bought it from there (Have your order info ready).