TE round 2 stick packed up in 3 days!


I received my TE round 2 stick for my PS3 from amazon UK 3 days ago. Played some Sf4 yesterday and now this evening the light punch, medium punch and light kick buttons feels so sticky as if they are spongy. I read such problems on the SE stick and the round 1 sticks but didnt think the round 2 ones would have same problems. Should I call Amazon or just RMA this back to Madcatz, and what could have gone wrong in 4 hours of gaming!



Did you spill anything on it or have excessive hand sweat while playing it?

You could always open it, take the buttons out, disassemble the buttons and clean them (if that is the issue). This would save a lot of time on your part.


I didnt spill anything on it, no excessive sweat problem either. Wonder if I should take the plunge and just open it.


hell no send it back for a new one


There’s not much other than dirt or a spill that should do that. I’d definately try cleaning them first. Just use w/e you use to clean your TVs. Spray the buttons and wipe them off. If that doesn’t work, take them apart.


I’ve been meaning to sign up here for a while now, but seeing this thread resembles a similar situation to mine.
I got my round 2 TE stick last Friday, all was good for the first hour and a half that I used it. Turned off my PS3 and went downstairs, when i returned to play on it later the home button refused to work.
Tried unplugging it, using the other usb port and turning the console on and off. Nothing rectified the problem, as the home button doesn’t work you can’t assign the stick to the console making it nothing more than an expensive albeit pretty paper weight.
I have sent it back to Amazon and requested a replacement which should hopefully be here tomorrow, seeing this post makes me think that Amazon uk may well have a bad batch of arcade sticks (I hope not, as I really like the thing and just want a working one)

Sorry for rambling on my first post, but just wanted others to know that the original poster doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident in regards to TE round 2’s that are from amazon in the u.k.