TE Round 2 vs TE-S, help please

Ok all, I’ve exhausted myself on google and these boards and nowhere can i find the difference between the TE round 2 and the TE-S arcade sticks. can anyone let me know?


The only difference between the two is the top layer. The Round 2 stick has a bezel and the TE-S has a plexi like top layer. Everything else the same.

so if i planned to replace the top plexi, both would serve the same purpose?

That and TE-S is obviously slimmer. No sides like the Round 1, Round 2 or the MvC2 theme. The special edition Chun-Li has a bezel on top, but has no sides.

Not 100% sure if the TE round 2 “full” plexi fits, but from the looks, it’s the same body, just without the sides and bezel. Looks like the artwork covers the full panel on the TES. It might work, but you’ll probably want someone else’s confirmation or input too before you buy anything or make plans.

then i assume i will be happy either way, i was going to get the TE-S for 132 on amazon but the boards here have a link for BOGO on the Round 2s, i guess I will just go ahead and grab the BOGO deal.

Does the non-S TE have molded sides or can they come off? I haven’t received my R2 yet so I really have no idea.

I decided to go for the BOGO deal on Friday in lieu of the TE-S. The minimal differences aren’t really that big of a deal to me, even though the art and body design of the black TE-S is a bit cooler than the R2. I can’t see myself needing the Start/Back button lock all that often either.

Here’s pretty much everything you want to know about the different “TE’s” out there atm.

as far as the plexi covers go that you can purchase from Art… ALL plexi covers that fit a TE will fit the TE-S. it just depends on if you want to use the bezel that comes with the TE or not… if you have a TE-S and you want to fit the art the SAME way as a normal TE-S (non-chun li) then you want a FULL plexi cover.

the main body of all TE’s are the same. you dont get a bezel with the TE-S but it will fit the same if you DID buy a bezel. You do not have to use the Bezel on any TE’s it comes off and is a separate piece you can discard if you wanted to.

seeing how I plan to replace the art anyways, i’m gonna go ahead and grab the R2s, thanks for the info folks, really helpfull, and i still have enough coin to get my case from art…if i can find an artist first, lol

Why’s the list say the Round 2 has 6 yellow buttons? :S

Thought those buttons are white?

i think it was just a typo