TE round one problem

I’ve had My TE stick for over a year now and never had a problems with it until now. I came home from a vacation and now suddenly it constantly tries to scroll down. This happens on my xbox and when I plug it into my computer. The joystick isn’t bent down at all, it is still centered, it just constantly will fire the down input (if I press forward it will go down forward etc.).
I remember hearing about this problem a long time ago and it turned out that a joystick replacement wouldn’t fix it. So has there been a fix found? Possibly replacing the PCB or maybe reconnecting a loose wire?

I swore that someone else had this problem only a couple days ago.

Does it register down in LS mode (check by plugging it into a computer or going in game)

It could be as simple as re-seating the JLF cable or it could be a PCB problem.

I’m sorry for bumping this old thread, but my stick is still broken and I would like to play MvC3 without having to get a new arcade stick.

So I opened it up and there is no apparent problems anywhere. I tested it with my computer and it is constantly fires down on it as well. I tried switching the USB ender on it with another, and that did nothing.

Can anyone please help?

Replacing the PCB would be your best option there, this sort of problem has happened some. You can replace with PS360 solderlessly. Jamesepoop wrote a guide on how to do. And then you get a dual mod for free! http://shoryuken.com/f177/**-akihabarashop-jp-now-open-**-108982/index377.html#post10181690

Or email madcatz and ask nicely for a replacement pcb. They sent me one.

Wow. They sent you a replacement PCB? Cool. I want them. They have a stash. They need to start selling just the PCBs.

However, if you get the replacement PCB, you -will- have to desolder the USB cable and solder it back onto the new PCB. Not sure if everybody is up for that. Unless if they include a USB with the replacement PCB.