TE-S control board replacement

My start button doesn’t work on my TE-S. Opened the joystick up and swapped it w/ a button I know to work (the A/green button) and it didn’t work either so it would seem my control board is bad. Any one know of a place I can get replacements? Checked LizardLick but didn’t see any.

Thanks in advance.

If you’ll take a bunch of pictures of the boards in the TE-S, I’ll do my best to tell you everything I can about how to test it.

Thanks for helping Toodles. Here is a pick of part of the guts of my stick. This is the control board that all of the buttons wire into. The grey wires (second from right) are the ones for the start button. The black wires (far left) are the ones for the A/Green button (this is Xbox). I’ve tested with several games and the A/Green button works fine the Start button does not work at all. I switch the wires so that the physical A/Green button functions as the Start button and the Start function within game never triggers.


I’d hardly call that a bunch of pictures. Does the back button and guide button work?


There really isn’t much else to see. I’d be happy to take more pics if there is something specific you want to take a look at.

Grab a multimeter. Unplug the QD for the black wire in the back row (upper left in the picture) and the white wire in the back row (upper right in the picture). Verify the lock switch is set to ‘unlock’. Check for continuity between the two exposed QDs in the upper left and upper right of that distribution block.

Toodles…a quick update. After our last exchange I plugged the stick in to retest b/c I wasn’t 100% about the guide button working. I tested it and it didn’t. I got a little pissed and really started thumping the guide button hard. After about 8-10 presses it started working (a’la Fred Sanford and his TV). At that point I retested the other buttons and they started working too. Strange.

BTW…me opening the case to troubleshoot was the first time I’ve opened the unit. It’s been in the closet for a couple of months b/c of football starting up and Starcraft 2 dropping.

So it’s working again but not sure why it ever stopped. Any ideas?

Lock switch.

That was my first thought when it didn’t work yesterday but it was unlocked. Oh well…i’m happy that’s working and that you helped me out. Thanks again.