TE-S joystick help


Sup people, Another question that i could do with some help on

Ive opend up my stick and i want to take the art work off and replace it.

buttons i have no problem with takein out but i need help with the joystick. Is there any easy ways of takein it appart, and also is there any easy way of takein the art work off the metal plate it seems to be stuck to.

Cheers all


Insert a large flathead screwdriver into the bottom of the shaft, and twist off the balltop with your free hand. You don’t have to remove any more of it to swap art.

I’ve heard using a spudger works to not damage it. Just get something under it and pry it off, it’s pretty easy once you get the first bit off.


a better option would be to buy a plexi from tek-innovations and apply the plexi and art directly to the top of the stick. you dont have to remove the art and its easy to reverse to stock.


Thats great and exactly the answer i was looking for.

Cheers guys nice one.