TE S+ SFV PS3/PS4 Thread


Editing the name, because it isn’t really about the button placement anymore.

Original post:
The mockups are actually different from the real thing. The mockups cover the bolt at the top with the huge panel. In reality they lower the panel and the buttons/stick as a result - meaning less wrist space.

Mockup on product page



Probably amounts to about a half an inch, but wrist space is wrist space.


it is pointless to debate or speculate until someone ether compares the new TE-S Plus to the older TE-S or someone breaks out a ruler and take measurements.


I’m not speculating, I’m basing it off my TES+

No ruler available, but I can measure at some point. It is about a half an inch.



I hate this stick. The placement of the turbo panel is just bad.


Damn thats dissapoinring.
Any chance of giving us a peek on the inside? Maybe someone will produce a replacement cp at some point witch rearanges things slightly.


That turbo panel is HUGE! Way too big. Should have been 60% of that size and in the corner.


There also no reason to include the L3 and R3 buttons


Isn’t used for ‘push to talk’ chat options on PC?


Who cares about the PC version? The PC version can assign chat options to the keyboard.
This a arcade controller intended for the PS4.
Do you need it for chat on the PS4?


Quick question, without making my own thread. How easy is it to change the artwork on this stick? Does it have a clear plexi layer like the TE2 has?


It does not.


That said, its not hard


Agreed. The layout is just… off-putting. Glad I went for a 2+.


Honestly, playing on it is totally fine. I’m just annoyed the art - which is still up on the MadCatz store and Amazon doesn’t match the real product.


I havent heard anyone complain about accidentally hitting the panel.

Hows the wrist space? I really like the TE2+ but I hear this one is much more sturdier and doesnt creak.


Wrist space is fine to me. It is much more sturdy than my original TE2


Is there a non slip material in the bottom? I’m trying to upgrade my hrap 4 because that thing slides right down my lap.


making a plexi for this might be a annoying if you’re gonna use 1/32 thickness, that whole area where the upper middle bolt is can be an area where it bows a lot. or be a weak spot (cracking) if you’re not careful on thicker plexi (1/16"). to be safe maybe a thicker plexi, but that would make it protrude a lot, so probably a full-size no bezel plexi would work better. my 2c.


Yep there is.
You can always just buy adhesive foam for the bottom of your stick, something like:


Mine also has white buttons for start and select on the back, instead of the dark grey ones it has on the pictures.

I wonder to anyone who also has this stick, on mine the LP button (=square) is a little harder to press than the others and also makes a different, more dampend sound.
I wonder if this is normal or is just on my stick?