TE Sanwa making odd metal rubbing noise

A while back i noticed that my TE started making an odd sound when (its a feint sound of metal rubbing against each other) after i move the stick to the left, the noise happens as the stick goes back into its neutral position. I don’t know if its the microswitch or if it is another piece altogether ,maybe i have to grease it up somewhere?. The stick itself works flawless and has never stopped responding but the sound is kind of annoying.

The sound actually started happening after my cousin and his son used my stick. My cousins son plays as Zangief and i know he goes crazy with the 360 movements and my cousin uses ken, he mashes those DP’s like no other. Could it be that their intense handling of the joystick caused this or is it just a coincidence?

Can anybody point me in the right direction as to what part i need to replace?

take the stick apart and check it out. watch my video on how to take it apart, it is for standard but will be the same for your tournament. [media=youtube]U394JpJ82nU[/media]

Thanks for the advice. I took the stick apart and in fact it was the microswitch for the left direction that is making that sound, it happens whenever the switch is depressed.

I found a microswitch assembly on the trading forum for 12$ shipped!

thanks for the help.