TE screw help

Hello all, i’ve been rather enjoying your site lately and decided to create an account. I have a quick question about the screw/thread design on the face of the TE fightstick. Yesterday I took the face off to clean a few key areas that weren’t working properly after a terrible beer incident(i know, i know), and when i was putting it back together i noticed that one of my screws didn’t feel quite right. Low and behold, when I took the face back off of the fightstick to figure out what had happened, the threads had COMPLETELY popped out on this one screw. I am a pretty handy guy, and build quite a few things so i was very cautious as to not press down very hard or overtighten the screws, being that they are only holding together plastic, but what’s up with this? This seems like a rather terrible design flaw on a $150 electronic device where the only thing holding the threads in place is some elastic glue, am i wrong? Well, i suppose my question is this: Has anyone else ran into this problem? If so, did you just use a little super glue and hold it back in there until you were sure it dried up, or is there a better way to solve this problem? Thanks for the replies in advance!

its okay, that stuff holding down the nut for the allen screws is your standard warranty gunk
its like telling madcatz you opened their stuff although you still get warranty if you only opened the top part
feel free to glue that thing down if your heart so desires

i didn’t have super glue at the time, so i just used wood glue…lol…still holding after 3 mods…

I had a feeling that’s what it was for. Well, looks like i’ll be looking for some decent glue today haha. Thanks for the replies guys, glad to see i wasn’t the only one that ran into this.

That’s Loctite or some similar fluid. Alost of companies use that in their products to help keep screws in.