TE Shaft Cover

I dont know if this has been answered before…whenever I try to use the search function here I just get a blank page :frowning:

I was just wandering…Is it easy to remove the black shaft cover on a TE stick? I think I would prefer it to be chrome (I presume there is a chrome stick like the SE under that shaft cover?)

Also…I know they say if you open your TE stick it will void your warranty, but how would anyone now if you’d opened your stick from the top without damaging the little sticker over the screw on the bottom?

Yes, you simply use a flathead screwdriver to secure the shaft. Remove the balltop and the shaft cover comes right off.

You can unscrew the top without voidin your warranty. To remove the shaft cover, unscrew the top of the joystick (theres a notch for a screwdriver underneath to stop it spinnin) and it just slides off. The only problem is with the dust cover, the hole in the middle is designed to have the shaft cover on.

Thanks guys that sounds easy enough :slight_smile:

ahh…I didnt think of that, so I’d have to buy a new dust cover from somewhere with a smaller hole?

hmm maybe I’ll just leave it alone untill I mod it in the future with custom art and different colour buttons/ball top etc.

^ Yeah, it’s a waste of money to order the regular dust cover alone - so just tack it onto your future parts order.

Arthong does them, if your lucky enough to live in the US you can get a plexi, art an a new dust cover from him. If your in europe doomy is doin plexis, its possible he might branch out to dust covers in the future (atleast i hope so!) so keep an eye on his thread.