TE shell case replacement?

anyone know where i can get a te shell case replacement? My TE Shell case is cracked and i want to get a new one to replace it. Thanks in advance.

Get a custom made case and stick the guts in it, or check the buy/trade forum maybe someone will sell it.

any idea where i can get a custom made case?

Arts making full plexi cases soon

QCFgaming doesn’t sell cases anymore…

I don’t know who else is currently making cases anymore

look for Voltech’s customs thread. He has some really nice cases.

This. You’ll be spending a bit for it, but its worth every penny.

ok thanks guys! imma check it out.

Have you tried to see if you can reinforce the TE shell?

Before you throw it away, take a picture of it and post it up here.

Maybe someone has an idea that can keep you from spending $100 or more for a replacement case! Maybe the shell can be salvaged as long as it’s not broken in a critical area that can’t be reinforced…

If worst comes to worst, at least you can save all the electronic parts (buttons, joysticks, USB cord and associated PCBs AND all the wiring and QD’s). All those parts add up to more than what some custom joystick bases, let alone used joysticks, have sold for around here!

True_Tech aka Foe Hammer does some REALLY nice looking cases around here. I think you should be able to find them around the Trading Outlet.

Or even another option is to sell the guts of your TE, the 360 pcb is wanted more often than the PS3 one is, and the buttons and stick and use the cash towards a new TE, or just wait for Art’s new cases, he mentions in the thread they will be sub 100, and dangs do they look good !

Oh, and just saw this…


Or just repair the crack with epoxy putty?

Fix Cracked Notebook Case with Epoxy Putty | Laptops Guide

While I agree with the others that salvaging the stick might be a good idea, something they seem to not understand is that part of the thing about luxury items is that you may just simply want them to look nice. While a patch job may be sufficient for some, others may want utter seamlessness which could be fairly tricky to achieve to satisfaction without entirely new parts.

One of the nice things about the T.E. in this regard, at the least, is that it’s fairly modular:

If it’s cracked on the side wings, Focus Attack sells wooden replacements you can repaint to suit your needs. You’ll need to drill a few new screw holes to mount them but nothing visible.

If it’s cracked on the top art’s plexi, Arts also sells plexiglass top panels meant for the purpose of displaying top art.

Madcatz sells replacement bezels at the gameshark store.

If it’s the main body of the stick, then I think you’ll need to buy a new one unless your only interest in it was purely functional, in which case glue might work.

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I have a spare TE case I’m debating on selling. I haven’t gotten around to do anything on it and it’s just kinda sitting there. I’m apprehensive about it though because I’m in Canada and shipping is always a bitch.

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