TE Stick - Are the scratches impossible to avoid?


I’ve noticed that under the TE stick’s plastic disc, it is scuffed up pretty good after a couple weeks play.

I’ve also noticed scratches on top are forming very easily. It came scratched but it’s clear that the top material is going to get a lot of hair line scratches.

My older Anniversary stick, has virtually no scratches, even under the plastic disc and its a lot older than the TE stick.

It just seems that the material on the TE is not going to hold up at all.

Has anyone noticed their TE stick developing scratches?


If you don’t have plexiglass (or plastic like the SFAE stick), you’re going to develop wear and tear sooner or later. A buddy of mine has a T5 stick where Jin’s torso is all white from all the electric wind god fisting :rofl:

arthong is making plexiglass precut for the TE stick, he’s taking preorders for them on the 4th. You might want to give that some consideration: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=183029


You should buy a plexi plate from arthong.


Yeah, get a plexi. Or you could go all granny on your te and get some of that velvet that you put on the feet of furniture to keep from scraping the floor. Take some and put it under your dust cover and wear a glove on your button hand. You might look like Michael Jackson…then again you might look like Michael Jackson.


As a person who actually does wear gloves to play on the TE, I take offense to that statement. :bluu:

Yeah, the TE seems to getting some scratches. But that’s OK! Just wait 'til the warranty runs out and then put some plexi/lexan/acrylic on it. Oh yeah.

Wish it woulda came WITH a topsheet, but whatever…


The best way to avoid getting scratches is to put in back in the box and leave it in your closet. Is the art work really so great you cant have a few scratches on it ? It is a tool for playing video games, not like a custom Byrdo or anything.