TE Stick bad PCB or Button?

I have a brand new Round 2 TE for the PS3 and 360. I noticed on my 360 version when I do Ryu’s FADC into Ultra it sometimes goes into Super instead. When I checked my inputs it looks like my FP is registering twice. Strange it never happens on my PS3 Stick. Is it a bad PCB or Button? Thanks!

by ‘twice’, you mean ‘one line has FP on it, and the next line has all three punches’, don’t you? If so, execution problem, practice more, your stick is fine.

Is it still under warranty? And it’s dropping inputs because Fierce is registering twice? To me, it sounds like a loose wire. But if you’re under warranty and have no experience, send it back to madcatz. If there’s the slight chance there’s a PCB problem, they’ll do the hard work for you.

Again, I’d check your inputs on the windows OS?
Control panel> printers & other hardware> game controllers> properties.

Make absolutely sure it works fine.

I don’t think it’s execution, because it does not happen on my PS3 stick. If it’s a button, I’ll just buy a new one. I don’t want to mess with the wiring. I’ll keep testing both sticks. Crap maybe I’ll just call Madcatz. Thanks for the quick reply!

So are you saying you do DP, FADC, SUPER? or DP XX SUPER? I still can’t help but think it’s execution.

its plinking, you hit fierce a frame or two before you hit all three buttons leading to a super. Work on hitting all the buttons simultaneously so that doesnt give you the multi-inputs.

Ok. I went home and did more tests. Side by side. I have zero issues on my PS3 stick. FADC Ultra comes out perfect. PPP.

When I go to my 360 it reads FP+PPP (75%) of the time. I even tried it with my SE 360 (sanwa)… same thing. FP+PPP. Switched characters, same thing FP+PPP.

Could it be the frame difference between the 360 and PS3 or I just have a bad TE and SE? :frowning: