TE Stick Balltop question?

like 2 hours ago just bought a chun li S Te Stick and well during my time with it I noticed the ball stop moves , is this normal ? I couldn’t tell from videos I’ve seen if it was .

Ball top moves? You mean you’re able to spin it left and right? If it just spins, and doesn’t remove the ball top, then that’s normal. If it spins counter-clockwise and eventually comes off of the stick, then it’s too loose, and you’ll need to re-tighten it.

Oh thanks for the info :smiley: I was worried there for a bit that I had to open my stick already haha

Yeah, it spins so you can switch sticks. I learned this when I was waiting for a match and I started to spin the ball top in boredom. Then it fell off. :smiley:

If it fell off, then it needs to be tightened. The reason why it spins, is so that it doesn’t come off mid-match, while you rotate the stick.

How to tighten that? Spin the other way? /durr

E: I know, this should go to tech.

No. Because if you tighten the balltop by just spinning it clockwise, it will simply connect to the shaft, and then the whole shaft assembly will spin, without the ball top getting any tighter.

You have to open up your stick, and on the inside panel, where the stick is, you’ll see a flat slot. It’s on the opposite end of where the balltop goes. You hold that in place with a screwdriver, and THEN you tighten the balltop. You don’t have to torque it down all crazy, just get it nice and tight, and you’ll never have to worry about the balltop coming loose randomly.

I had to do that when one i got my first TE.