TE stick bracket welding


So the bracket that holds the stick on my TE fell off. The weld job didnt hold. So i JB welded it. It fell off after some weeks of playing and im looking for a permanent fix.

I’ve searched the boards and I have not come up with anything on the boards. Could someone point me in the right direction of what to do or where its already been posted.

Thanks in advance!


I read this thread as “TE stick bracket wedding” >_>

But yeah, you can replace the whole metal panel with one of these:

Or order a plexiglass one here:
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You are the shit sir thank you!


These all look nice but what if i want to re attach The OEM bracket to the plate? Can I solder it on? Do i have to weld it? If i cant fix it myself i will totally buy one of these plates to replace it.


You’d definitely have to weld it.


So shy of purchasing welding equipment do arcade repair companies typically do something like that? I dont foresee a licensed welder coming to my house to fix my TE.


Someone should correct me if I’m wrong but couldn’t you just take it to some mechanic shop or a steel warehouse and see if they can weld it for you, for a fee, of course.


Thats what ive been wondering, im looking into that. Its steel right? Id like to not spend too much money but i think getting someone to weld it would be cheaper than buying a whole new plate (even if they are totally boss).


Yeah, they’re steel.


i’d weld it for you for free, but you’d have to pay shipping to get it to me and back unless you’re going to be in cleveland any time soon. pm/email me if you want it done