TE STICK CASE w/ all Buttons included $80 U.S. shipping FREE * SEE PICS


I’m getting an Egret II shipped from Matsu this week and have decided to part the TE stick I got for the son this last Christmas since we will be using the cab’s controls instead from now on. I’m keeping the pcb from the TE so I don’t have to hack another xbox controller pcb so this is for the case, 10 Sanwa buttons, top and lower steel plates and I didn’t bother to remove the mic jack as I didn’t think it necessary. I cut the usb cable to later solder back together so there are no drill holes in the back of case so it is fresh to mod and clean. Shipping is FREE. I want $80 which I will pay the shipping and includes delivery confirmation. No low ball offers since this is a fair price (especially since I’m including shipping and the buttons as well) and U.S. peeps only as I can’t pay the high international rates with tracking such as International Priority Mail. Send me a PM. I will give first come first serve my paypal and ship out promptly.





mmmmm so tempting…


Since your tempted, I’ll make it $75 shipped!


I really need a TE top panel for a project, but even $75 is a bit too much for me to spend on a used gutted TE.


I was interested, but the case a bit beat up for that price. Also I would only want everything exept the Top panel and 30mm buttons?


Hey, I’ll buy the top panel and buttons for $20 and you can buy the rest of the case. lol.


yea, i’ll probably pass. dont have the budget right now. sorry


I totally understand. :slight_smile:




pm’d you back


Damn, never thought I’d stoop this low but since someone offered and i haven’t heard back just yet and everyone should have an equal grab this is as low as it gets: 65 shipped, US ONLY, FINAL OFFER until it is sold.


Also, up for trades for an upper marquee holder for the Egret II, Arcade Stools, and possibly another pcb for the 360 TE w/ adjoining PCB w/toggle dip switch, turbo and XBoX system access button.


Super are u willing to sell to me like before.




@Meus: Was willing but didn’t hear from you…




@Meus: Was willing but didn’t hear from you…