TE Stick Cleaning:


So, long story short, while I was at work my brother for some reason cleaned up some of the cans of mountain dew I had lying around my room and managed to spill a still unknown amount on my tournament edition arcade stick. I cleaned all the buttons, some were worse than others, but it was painfully obvious that there was an amount of mountain dew spilled and an attempted cleaning by simply spraying it down with windex and wiping it off. Several keys also had the blue film of windex in them.

So I finished cleaning them, I test the buttons, everything is fine sort of (never feels the same…), wake up the next day, notice one of the keys (one of the keys that got hit hard) was still sticking. Had to go to work, now I’m back, took it apart again and took a long look at this button.

It’s clean, but the part that is the issue is the little black part that the physical button piece attaches into (the part you have to separate the two connectors off of), has been compromised. Enough dew managed to seep into the small white part that connects to the bottom of the button that it sticks when you press it in and slowly rises afterward.

What I’m here to ask is, is there any way to clean THAT part of the button? For now I’m going to swap it with another button’s that I rarely if ever, ever use. But is it possible to clean or am I shit out of luck and will just have to buy some replacement parts?

And if I have to buy a new button, which button am I looking for? I found a site that looks like they’ve got it, a sanwa 30mm SE stick compatible button, but I’d rather be 100% sure before I purchase.


sanwa buttons can be completly broken down for deep cleaning. use screw driver to push the tabs in to pop the button off.


Not talking about that part, obviously the buttons can be removed…

Referring to this: http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/pushbuttons/sanwa_obsf30_w.jpg – Notice the black part with the 2 prongs sticking out of it? Behind that is a cylindrical white plastic part with a tab that sticks out and fits into a slot beneath the button.

THAT white cylindrical part has a sticky substance in it and opening that (to my knowledge) with a screwdriver is like taking a sledge hammer to a thumb tack. Like I said, the button itself is clean, I already disassembled that and cleaned it out and that’s fine–it’s the white cylindrical plastic part that is inside the black part of that picture.

I’m 100% positive that is the issue, as after I swapped it with one of the black button’s part it works perfectly fine and now that black button sticks (which is bound to buttons I’ve only used once or twice in the 5+ months I’ve had it so, temporary fix but, would prefer permanent solution).

So to reiterate, I’m wondering if you can take apart that black piece to clean the white cylindrical part inside of it and the area surrounding it without seriously fucking up the piece, or should I just buy a new button (maybe a spare to boot). And also…again…what button goes into the TE Arcade Stick, I’m assuming they’re 30mm but I’d rather be sure before I purchase some.



try this. although these are clear seimitsu buttons, the concept is the same


as close to 100% rubbing alcohol as you can find and q-tips


Kich wants to take apart the Microswitch, not the Button.
Kich already knows how to take apart Button.

Wants to do this.



^ This.


Pop the bottom off with a knife.
That is what I did.


Wow, still haven’t gotten an answer on this. What size buttons does the TE stick take? So far I’ve only gotten 1 person who didn’t blatantly ignore every single one of my posts and he managed to avoid answering the primary question I had.


Man, you’re mean.

30mm and 24mm.


i’m sorry jdm we love you :frowning:

@kich where the joystick is with the 8 buttons its 30millimeter. where start and select are those are 24millimeter if you need further clarification. its just that when jdm speaks he’s right so listen always listen


Wow you are a fucking idiot. I have an answer for you… USE GOOGLE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!


seriously if you need a guide on opening buttons (or even finding out what size buttons since it’s ALL OVER THE GUIDES ON THIS SITE TELLING YOU HOW TO MOD THE TE AND SE)

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Again, did not read a -single- post.

Sorry someone can get salty when they fucking repeat themselves that many times and still have no one get it after making two posts and purposely being as thorough as possible to not possibly confuse even a fucking 3rd grader’s reading comprehension about what I was asking.