TE stick disconnecting


Whenever I move it, it disconnects. Not physically though.The xbox 360 says “Please reconnect controller”. But if i keep it still its fine. Lost a couple matches cause of this. Any idea whats wrong?


have to checked the little extra piece? the know the third piece that connects to the wire and then the xbox?


Yeah. I switched it with another controller but still having the same problem


Hows the cord looking where it connects to your stick? Maybe a loose wire. Also inspect the cord for nicks or parts that have been smashed you could be grounding out.


could be the usb cable, it could be damaged.


It seems when I move the cable from the inside it doesn’t disconnect. But when I move it from the outside it does. The cable is a little damaged from where you store it. Doesn’t look that bad though.


Its probably grounding out. I would look into replacing the cable in its entirety .


You know where I could get one? I cant find a place. How difficult would be the process in replacing it?


try switching USB ports?

I had the same problem but it was just that the first player side on my usb was loose.
try plugging it in the back and see what happens


First check this.
Cable repair

I’m not positive but I think you maybe to use one of the wireless sync/charge cords.


Can anyone confirm?


i had the same thing happen with the SE stick


I’m having the same problem with my 360 Round 2. Well kinda. It happens very random. I can shake the stick or wiggle the usb cord…nothing happens, then I move it slightly, it disconnects! Strange.


Check your break away cable…