TE Stick does not use "arcade quality" sanwa parts..?


So first off this sounds like bullshit because I own a TE and a Hori and they feel the same. But all these people in the comments + dsp are saying they are DIFFERENT parts when they are both using sanwa JLFs. He says that the buttons are not like obsfs you would get aftermarket (lizardlick) and the stick is also not like the JLF you would get aftermarket/in an arcade cab or in the HRAP. Did I miss something? Or are these people just ignorant?


I couldn’t tell a difference between aftermarket Sanwa parts and the Sanwa parts that came in my TE.

I think it’s just BS on their part.

there may be some slight difference. Different parts are manufactured at different times and places, with different equipment and different materials. It’s the same with any other arcade parts.

Also sticks wear in a different rates. If you are used to one in an arcade or one of your friends already broken in sticks a new one will be different.

Yeah…that’s all I saw.
TE sticks are fine.

Seeing as Seimitsu managed to make a run of PS-14-G buttons that were ever so slightly too wide so they won’t fit in a 30mm mounting hole, then it wouldn’t surprise me that some buttons also feel a bit different than others, even though they’re supposed to be exactly the same.

what about a stock TE JLF, compared to a stock hrap3 JLF, compared to a stock aftermarket sanwa JLF. All should be almost 99% identical, right?

Yeah, they should.

I’ve had/used JLF’s from all 3 of those and to me they all felt like plain ol’ Sanwa JLF’s to me…

But of course the amount of use can slighty or dramatically change the way a joystick or buttons feel.

That was a complete waste of time.

“For 1 you are ignorant, for using the word retard . I have a jlf in my custom and it feels alot smoother than the 1 in my TE. As for the buttons I did not say they were not sanwa, they just felt like complete shit compared to the ones in my custom.”

lol I love youtube viewer comments :slight_smile:

I do feel my Hrap different compared to my TE, stick on TE feel more stiff, maybe just different springs. and buttons sound different but i thing that’s has something to do with the cases, because i have a custom one and buttons sound different as well.

does your hrap have sanwa buttons? just checking

Honestly, I DO notice a slight difference in the TE buttons compared to my customs I had. It did not impede on the gameplay though.

could this be because of the box structure compared to the aluminum top panel of the TE?

feels like the same parts to me but one thing that’s certain is that a new TE wont feel as good as your trusty custom because the parts haven’t been worn in. once they’re properly worn in they play exactly the same.

The equipment used with in the TE stick is identical to the sf4 arcade cabinets. Only difference is well, your playing on a console and the stick isn’t located on a sturdy cabinet. None of this means Sanwa produces the absolute best equipment on the market, don’t be close minded explore other products folks.

“certificate of toilet paper” LOL

Any perceived difference is probably in their head, or due to deficiencies in the manufacturing process, or due to one being broken in more than the other.

Not all TE sticks are fine :frowning: i got mine today… after amazon.co.uk did a 33% discount!!! 99!!!

and within 15 mins i noticed the strong button sticking :confused: tested it in training mode and yep every 2-5 mins it would stick in normal play :confused: about once in every 20 pushes on its own.

At least amazon have a GOOD returns policy… they are sending a new one out while i can hold onto the faulty one. Then within 30 days i have to return the faulty one with free postage supplied by them.

Shame… i was really looking forward to a weekend of gaming :confused:

There is no difference. People are dumb.

100% Sanwa parts inside the tournament edition.