TE Stick + Emulator = Problems


Hi Guys,

i just got my TE stick after a long time and it works flawless at xbox 360.
Now i plugged it in my PC and it was recognized at once. The windows tool
where you can check if it works is ok. All buttons and stick work like they should.

Now to my problem:
if i start neoragex (neo geo emulator) i cant configure my joystick. The emulator
always thinks i press my stick up. Other emulators have the same problem.

Is my stick somehow broken although it works on xbox 360?
I have no other windows games to test with…



If it works according to Windows, you may find it best to just use a program to map joystick inputs directly to keyboard buttons. Then all your emulators etc. (everything) on your computer will interpret joystick inputs as whatever keyboard presses you mapped them to–keyboard support is no problem in emulators so this solves the problem. xpadder and joytokey are the most popular programs for this task.


i use xpadder for my TE and works great.


Do xpadder and joytokey work with Vista 64 bit ?.. i couldn’t get them working


did u try calibrating the joystick idk bout vista but i know with xp u could do that


thanks a lot

it finally works with xpadder and vista 64
i use version 5.3 because its for free. on the website of xpadder you have to pay
for 5.4.


Hey, try different settings on the little switch, LS, RS, DP.
I have to use DP (d-pad) setting to make it work in emulators on PC. I didn’t have to install anything other than an auto-installed driver.

You also need to go into the Input settings in the emulator and tell the emu that Up is Up, left is Left, etc. If movement isn’t recognized when you configure the inputs, try different switch settings.


When I open control panel/game controllers in XP I only see a POV hat representing the joystick movements on my xbox 360 TE…is that normal? there is no x/y or z axis stuff regardless of how I have the switch set.

This means I cant scroll up and down my list of games in mameuifx with the joystick :frowning: works awesome in the games though after changing the control config.


i have just the d-pad too in the drivers.
switching to analog stick doesnt work.

perhaps mame with ui would work for you?

strange for me is that the buttons rt and lt do not work with xpadder.
the program recognizes them but i cant use them in game.
it is not a big problem because neo geo uses just 4 buttons :slight_smile:


Why would you be using NeoRageX anyway. That program died years ago.


yes but it works without problems for me.
mame is difficult to configure


Try using NFBA, the basis of GGPO and 2df. It also has P2P Kailleria which is also a very solid netplay option. If you are playing Doujin Fighters or intend on using NRX (which yes, is SEVERELY dated at this point) then you should use Joy2Key, which allows your joystick inputs to be treated as keyboard inputs. Xpadder should work too, but I have never used it so I really can’t comment on the delay etc.


The TE stick doesn’t work with mame; If I use joy2key will it work then?


The TE stick does work with MAME, try MAME Plus: