TE stick going out

Okay so ive had my te sticks since day one. When i first got them they were nice and responsive even my local stick guy was impressed. They get about 4 hours of use a day at least (The whole fam plays).As of late they have become i dont want to say unresponsive but some thing is wrong. any half circle motions or qcf motions are very hard to pull off. even the short cut is hit and miss at times (charge characters no problem). Ive contacted madcatz and they pretty much told me to f-off has ayone else had problems with theres.

go to training mode on sf4 and setup the input reader. see if you are actually doing the moves correctly…

Thats odd, when I finally called madcatz instead of just emailing for my scratch damage issues, they were over eager to help.

you’re probably doing the motion wrong or theres something wrong with the mocrswitches

Broken Sanwas already? What kind of abuse do these things see?

it seems sometimes the forward motion is not being detected, so far i’ve used able,ryu,ken and cammy all with the same problem. guile is working fine as is chun li but i slap there inputs in pretty hard compare to every one else. button presses are fine.

Edit going to make sure it not actually my box busting out the old hori ex 2

the hori is working great i can actually pull off abels COD>FADC>C.HP>Roll>C.HP>FALLING SKY with great consistency. Im hoping its just the switches wont be to bad to replace.


I was almost gonna preorder one when they first came on amazon until I saw Mad Catz was behind it… Sanwa parts or no, in the end it’s still Mad Catz, a company with the lifelong reputation of putting out poor quality products ain’t gonna change their ways over night. True, maybe some of you lucked out and got a stick that’s still functional. My friend’s SE (I know it doesn’t have sanwa parts maybe the same PCB?) was workin fine until he boasted about it. They already have R&D down now they just have to work on quality control. If only Hori had the R&D like them then they’re sticks would have been the shiznit.

the SE version doesnt use sanwa parts lol


the TE stick is supposed to be phenomenal - basically a mass produced custom stick. i think early failure is uncommon in these sticks. furthermore, the se stick is alright, but seems to have problems with the joystick (washer coming loose), which can be easily replaced with sanwa parts.