TE stick Headphone jack broke

ok my headphone jack is broken. it shows a mic is always plugged in. and when i do stick in a mic it doesnt work

any suggestions will be much appreciated.


um… you have the option of going wireless with the mic. btw, is the audio jack stuck in the Te?

nope. i know im debating in my head as we speak whether i should go out and buy a wireless mic but i gotta calculate my cashflow for this week >< it could be a little short or something iono ><

I think the jack in my HRAP EX is not working right either.

It is really low and pops and sounds like crap.

My headset sounds pretty bad with the normal 360 controller, but it’s usable. The HRAP is not.

Is supposed to be that bad? Or should I spring for the wireless headset?

mic jacks are usually easy to replace.
if that is the problem.

do you have pics of the inside of the TE stick?

If I’m not mistaken, a wireless headset won’t sync to a player that is showing a headset already plugged in, so if your TE is showing you always have a headset, I don’t think a wireless is going to do you any good.

You can either take your chances opening it and messing with it yourself, if you’ve got any knack for that kind of thing, or you can send it back to be repaired, it should be covered under warranty.

I was also having problems with my Xbox 360 TE’s headphone jack but now it’s working. When I first got the stick, the headphone jack would not work at all. I kept fooling around with it, unplugging and plugging it back in, but still no changes. About a week later I had the stick plugged in and was waiting in the SFIV lobby for my friend to join. I figured I should try the headphone port once more, so when I plugged in the jack a pop up message said “PLEASE RECONNECT THE CONTROLLER”. That’s the message you usually see when you battery dies or you turn off your controller before you log out. I then unplugged the jack, plugged it back in, and now it works. Weird.

well what i can try is sync the wireless one first then plug in the te stick and hopefully it’ll cancel out the headphone jack in the stick unless it got more priority seeing that its wired ><. if it doesnt work im going to open it up and see if i can just disconnect a wire from the headphone jack.

im going to open it anyways to throw in a cthulu ps3.

since the search function doesnt work . isnt there a thread somewhere that shows u how to open a te stick? i know its complicated to openthan other sticks right?

send it to mad catz…


3mm hex key / scerwdriver.