Te stick in stock at local retailers

Im in wisconsin. bestbuy att mayfair has se sticks and 1 te stick. brookfield says they should be expecting shipment sometime this week and southridge has them instock now. of course i already have a modded se stick so no need for te for me. So i guess you should be checking your local stores cause even though the website says they dont have it instore they do , that online system barely works .

thanks for the heads up!

Can’t even get BB to pick up the phone…

Did your BB’s at one point carry the sticks in store then sold out? The Best Buy’s near me never even carried the thing. I even went to a Best Buy grand opening near me with no luck. Just wondering if I might actually have better luck now. Thanks for the heads up though.

best buys around me have never carried the se or te. i’ve only found 1 bb that even carried the fight pads.

those bestbuys i went to never had the sticks but had all the fightpads on release. so i dont know

Guess it can’t hurt to make a stop at Best Buy on my lunch break. I can hit up Fry’s at the same time too. Again, thanks for the info.

So did you call that particular Bestbuy and they told you what they had in stock or did you just happen to be there in person and saw for yourself? I guess I’m trying to figure out if I should even bother calling and just visit my local Bestbuy.

There was another thread from a guy who works at Gamestop and it mentioned how he looked up in his system that there were 7 TEs nearby but when he actually called the stores, every Gamestop merchant said that they were holding it for themselves and that they just didn’t pay for it yet.

i was just in there and saw them, also asked the media guy to check other stores for me in there system and it showed who had some coming

also check gamecrazy if you have near you they seem to get hidden shipments bought a se stick week after release at gamecrazy, i got a te stick from gamecrazy week after also but i had to drive 40 min to the one that had it

Guess it’s time to check my local Gamestops…

I checked my local BB on my lunch break. No TE’s although they did have a menacing RE5 display. Also checked their website, and it still shows the TE as “Available Online Only” so I can’t do searches by zip code to see if any stores show the SKU as in stock.

i ve been reading on other post that alot of gamestops are getting them in but employees are snatching them up pretty shady

tried a few local bb store in so cal and wasnt able to find any

Must be something in the Op’s region cuz no BB within a 200 miles of me has any…atleast that’s what the rep told me.

none in dfw area

So only one person has seen the sticks…shady

I can’t wait for this to get back in stock. Looks like it’s happening slowly but surely

wow … us retailers already have their 2nd/3rd batch now? europe has not even seen the first one :sweat:

Get in line Europe, I’m in Canada and I haven’t seen squat. US and CAN are THE SAME market! LOL!