TE STICK in stock NOW! @ Mad Catz Store - $200

Just a brotip for you guys.


They’re in stock right now at Gamestop.com for $149:


Is this really worth it?

I’d say no…unless you’re a street fighter fanboy. I already got my PS3 TE stick last week for $150.

I definitely am a street fighter fanboy. I’ve logged in at least 250 hours into SF4 and show no signs of stopping. I guess I’ve gotten pretty used to the 360 controller which is why I’m hesitant on spending $165 after shipping and taxes.

Wow you’re using the 360 controller? I feel sorry for you bro. You deserve a TE stick. I say go for it.

Lol… Honestly the D-pad took a lot of getting used to but I’ve dished out my fair share of ownage, I’m actually on a nice little win streak right now. But I can’t help think that if I had a TE stick that I’d own that much more.

dammit i paid 300 on ebay for mine :frowning:

BO. I’m a SF4 bad man from London, UK.

Just seen Xbox TE stick @gamestop US site. It’s late here, I called my cousin in Chicago to order it for me while I was on the phone with him to make sure it went through.

Cost $175(with tax and shipping) which works out to 116. Considering you can’t get one of these in the UK at all and RRP is 150. What a deal I got!!!

I was lucky as my Dad is going to Chicago for a week on Monday and he will bring it back for me.

The happiest day i’ve had since SF4 came out. Screw this xbox pad. Can’t wait till the 18th till I get my fresh TE stick ordered from the US via the UK.

I just got into G2 adn the competion is tough, this the edge I need.

Thank you USA and my cousin. I don’t have check nowinstock.net again. A good site if you are looking for a TE stick.

I wonder how long these will last. Last time madcatz had these up, they didn’t even last 24 hours. And those were just the standard edition sticks.

Just added a 360 TE to my collection thanks!

just ordered one…

Gamestop is showing not currently available online now…doh.

just ordered mines, took the dip for 2 bills on this baby!

Only the SE for both systems available now as of 7:15 pm PST