Te stick is bent

i came home played mvc2 somthing seemed off so i look at stick and its bent i look inside and the metal piece is bent is there a way to fix?

refraining so hard from a bent stick joke
You should post this in tech talk, but my best guess is that you will have to replace the shaft or the whole JLF if you can.

Remove the stick from the metal plate.
Use JB Weld or a similar compound to reweld the metal plate back into place.
Let it sit for however long you’re supposed to let JB Weld sit for.
Reinstall your stick. Go nuts.

but yes, questions like this should go into the tech talk forum.

ok thank you all im still new at srk sorry for posting in wrong section

this is oncse anyone has the same problem u can order a new mounting plate from: http://www.lizardlick.com/Sanwa-JLF-P1-Flat-Mounting-Plate_p_251.html

and if u need u can order a new main body here: http://www.lizardlick.com/Sanwa-JLF-P-2-Main-Body_p_253.html


yes even though my panel is bent its just a little i look at mounting plate and its bent bad

sorry for late response

Same happened to one of mine. I just removed the plate and straightened it in a vice.

If you’re going to post this in Tech Talk, you might as well take pics of the damage, since that’s the first thing we’ll be asking for.

well i took a another look at my stick (LOL) and noticed this

and this is what i was talking about:

tossing this down to tech talk

yeah you need a new mounting plate. For a second I though you bent a Shaft, I was like HOW did you do that?
But a mount plate, thats common and easy to fix.

Bent shaft is OK, you just have to work it a little different. Don’t judge.

Bent plate, I would replace.

replaced today and stick is working perfect thanks

Bent shaft is OK but 8 buttons is dick

It seems like while you where away, somebody may have dropped your stick and it landed joystick first.

Or someone got pissed and curbstomped it. A friend of mine managed to bend a TE panel, plate and shaft, but he was pretty much rage-killing the thing. It’s hard to imagine bending the mounting plate with vigorous play.