TE stick is busted

The left position on the joystick isn’t registering anymore. Do I have to replace a part? This is my first arcade stick so I’m not really sure what I should do…

  1. How old is it? If it’s still relatively new it may still be under warranty and the rest of this advice should be ignored as Madcatz should be the one to deal with this.

  2. Get a set of Hex Keys (or Hex bits if you’ve got a screwdriver that can swap bits out)

  3. Remove the top panel of the stick

  4. You’re probably going to have to take the stick itself apart but this can be done without removing it from the casing by simply snapping (carefully) the restrictor gate off of it as it sounds like the problem is the microswtiches.

  5. If indeed the microswitch is broken then you’re going to need to replace it. The good news is that it only costs ~$12 or so to do that.

Photographs of what you find might help others here diagnose the problem if everything looks OK.

The stick is less than a year old but i want to try and fix it on my own, I know its kinda stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I removed the gate and tried moving the stick around and it works just fine, but when i put the gate back on the top/left corner doesn’t register… So I’m guessing its a problem with the alignment of the gate? I’ll try and get pictures but there doesn’t appear to be anything visibly wrong with it…

That really sounds more like a microswitch has busted. However it might be something as simple as dirt or something has built up and it messing up the switch. Also FYI technically disassembling it has voided the warranty.

Yeah… technically you are correct. However, if you go through the top panel, you can pretty much get away with Madcatz not voiding the warranty because of that. It is really only when you go through the bottom, removing the decal in the process that they make a fuss over it. and yet truthfully, any decent tech person can just outright tell if you ever opened up the stick anyway. In izzy’s opinion, as long as you have disturbed the bottom decal, then you might as well try passing this off as a warranty repair first before attempting anyting else.

Of course, like the thread author stated, I too am also the type to try making the repair on my own as a first attempt. I don’t have any delusions that what I say and what I do are entirely two different things.

Actually there was a bit of dirt I scraped off. Still wasn’t working so I decided to rotate the gate 180 degrees. That did the trick! Thanks for you help guys!

Good to hear you fixed it, id still order a replacement gate ,Why your at it order a new Octagonal and a square and the cost almost nothing~ might find you like one better then the other

He wouldn’t need a replacement gate with that problem.

If his gate was messing up his down input and he moved it around, whats to say the problematic gate wont later act up on his up or jump game? for 2-3$ id just nabb one and chuck the old one in the bin ,if it was the cause of his problems unless THE gate was not in correctly from madcats to begin with !!! i mean its 2-3 $