TE stick issue. Need some quick advice

Recently all of a sudden one of the directions(left d+b) stopped being responsive. Sometimes it feels ok and sometimes it doesn’t work at all or there’s a delay. Basically, it just feels off. Put a new jlf in and I’m still having the same problem. Also bought that wire harness from lizardlick recently hoping that would solve the issue. Initially, it seemed ok after I installed it but then the problem came back soon after.

So what can I do? Do I have to get a whole new stick now?

Make sure your stick is set to DP.

it’s always been set to dp. i’ve never changed that.

Okay, making sure it isn’t another problem with LS, so after you put on the lizardlick super connector, it was okay for a while? Any looseness or weird sounds? I know I lost some responsiveness due to loose screws holding it in.

It is possible that this is a sign the pcb is dying. I had the exact same issue. Non responsive db. It would work but its almost like it takes a bit of time to register or I had to hold it harder. Long story short, my buddy used my stick, a little too much static put it over the edge and the entire stick didn’t work anymore. Did stick swaps both ways with another te and decided board was dead. Well what really told me the board was dead was when the joystick was disconnected from the pcb and my music list would scroll down.

like azngouki said above

This sounds exactly like what is happening to mine… i posted the other day,ill turn on the system with the controller plugged in and it will scroll all the way to the right and down at the ps3 dashboard.unplugged the 5pin as per Nerrage’s suggestion and it still did it

thx a lot guys. looks like i’m gonna have to get a whole new stick unfortunately. of course affording one is a whole new issue.

Sorry guys. Can’t fix a PCB problem.

Well, you technically could. Just replace the TE PCB with a Fightpad PCB. But that’s probably more than you guys have the know how to do.

If you guys can find a local modder, http://shoryuken.com/f177/need-modder-your-area-check-post-247741/ They should be able to replace the PCB at a signficantly lower cost than completely buying a new stick. Local would rock, because you can’t get shafted on shipping.

This appears to be similar to the problem I’m having with my Round 2- when there’s no input, it registers as though the stick is being pressed down. If I push the stick up, it acts as neutral. Everything feels fine and the microswitches all appear to be good. I’m guessing this is the TE pcb (as opposed to the Sanwa microswitch pcb)- any reason just throwing in a Cthulhu wouldn’t resolve the issue?

All in all though, pretty disappointing considering that the stick is only about 6 months old…

Only reason a Cthulhu wouldn’t fix it is because it really is your joystick messing up. Do the unplugging thing I detailed earlier to make sure. If it keeps going down with the joystick unplugged, then yes, PCB problem, and replacing would fix.

That’s exactly what it does. Thanks for the input.