TE stick issue

so a while ago (couple months ago) i had to dismantle my joystick and use JB weld to re-weld the soldered on mounting bracket that had come loose. to sand off the residue of the first weld i dismantled the actual stick part of the joystick. i put it all back together and the JB weld is holding like a charm, but the stick itself seems to have gotten progressively rougher to move around. it now feels like im moving the stick through syrup when i try to do motions and… yeah you can imagine it’s basically impossible to play with. is there a quick fix like applying some kind of oil or lube to the swivel part of the stick? or should i buy a new stick or stick part? thanks for your time.

Lube, though others have used clear chapstick. And the swivel part. Not sure what could have happened. How old is the stick?

thanks for the help! the stick is a round 1 tournament edition fight stick, i got it on sf4 launch day. i guess when i took apart the stick some of the lube came off of the swivel?

also i need some circlip pliars to remove the circlip… last time i removed it and put it back on with regular pliars and it was really hard lol

It could be the stick needing to be lubed, or something might be caught in there jamming it; a stray bit of jb weld perhaps?

Try a very small flathead screwdriver. Put it between the clip and the shaft and wiggle it a bit. Be careful, e clips have been known to shoot off never to return…

LOL that happened to be last time i took it apart, i spent like 45 minutes trying to find it

when i open it up tomorrow i’ll see what’s up, hopefully the chapstick lube will solve my problem, otherwise i think the stick might be out of commission

Yes, just lubricate the Bearing.

And the JLF does not have a Circlip.
It has an E-clip.

It is Seimitsu LS-32(-01) that has Circlip.