TE stick issue


So I was practicing with Ibuki tonight, and noticed the on the left side, if i try and perform her Neck Breaker most of the time it doesn’t come out. Flipping to the other side it’s fine, but then I can’t perform Raida.

I also plugged in my Hori stick, and I was able to perform these moves fine from both sides.

Does this sound like a stick issue or a PCB issue? (Hoping stick, easier to fix haha).



You might want to test your stick out in training mode or better yet on the PC via the game controller application on the control Panel of your PC.

You can also open up your stick to inspect the actuator and gate to make sure there nothing wrong there.


my thoughts exactly. turn on inputs in training mode or check the inputs on the pc as Dark suggested


I’m beginning to wonder if it’s me, and just sloppy ass execution. If I go super slow, it works fine. I also looked at the inputs in training mode, and while it feels like I’m performing a half circle forward, apparently I screw it up.

If this changes I’ll update this thread. Thank you guys.