TE Stick Issues - PCB related?

Hi, I’ve been using my TE stick for a year or so and I’ve started having some weird button issues. R1 would suddenly start pressing itself on its own. I figured maybe the button was defective and proceeded to swap it with a new one. The problem persisted. What I found odd was that even if I took out the button it would still keep inputting R1 constantly. Is my PCB busted? I’m way past warranty so I’m not sure what I should do about this.

Maybe something is shorting the button elsewhere in the case? Look for loose wires.

Check to make sure all your wiring is good and its installed firmly, and nothing is pitched or crushed.

Also, if you have a Xbox 360 TE, check to see if you have a Rev A or Rev B Board. Should be printed on the board it self.
Rev A is infamous for having problems. Although 95% of Xbox 360 TEs and SEs are Rev B

As far as I can tell, there aren’t any loose wires. It’s a PS3 TE Stick btw.