TE stick joystick problem


I have a friend who purchased an original Sf4 TE stick awhile back. And now the joystick itself its registering occasionally, i would be able to move forward then it wouldn’t work, then it would again at random times. I thought it the problem at first was with the joystick but now i think it might be something with the wiring. I don’t know, it has been siting on the shelves at the local gamestop for quite awhile before he got it and he has not been using it for a whole year yet. Any help would be great.


Open it up from the top and take pictures.


It might just be a loose connector. A picture would be nice.


pics will help.


For some reason the pictures are not showing up on the forum, however i do believe that the connector to the stick from the pcb may be loose how would i remedy that?


You can push it back in some, that ought to help. Pull it out and clean up the gunk in the connector, it happens. But what would be best is getting this much nicer replacement:JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks


Thanks ill let him know about this