TE Stick Joystick Question

I want a bat top instead of the ball top to my TE Fightstick do i just need the bat top itself ans screw or do i need the whole plate. Lemme kno

If you’re talking about putting a Happ Joystick then no it won’t work. If you’re planning to use the existing stock JLF mount and shaft then all you need is a Sanwa Bat Top and an Adapter. You can also switch from a Square Gate to a Octo gate as well.


The other option is one of the Seimitsu LS models. I read somewhere that it replicates the American Style Joystick better than the Sanwa because of its spring stiffness, etc… Maybe someone can provide more info on the LS model if you’re interested in that option…

thank u man i been wonderin about this for days

No problem… I’m glad I could help you out.


This is another place you can get them. They come with the adaptors already, so this is ready to be screwed on to you TE stick.

Another thing you can do is put in a stiffer spring or install another JLF spring into the JLF stick.

For a lot of people, that solves the looseness issue that the JLF has. A higher-tension JLF (after the spring mod) also re-centers quicker than the stock looser stick. That has certainly made dash moves easier for me in earlier Capcom CPS-2 games on the PS2 when using Hori RAP2/T5 modded sticks.

It’s a lot cheaper and easier to do a spring mod than replacing the stick altogether. You might want to try this out first before taking off what’s otherwise a perfectly good stick…

I like the LS-32-01 fine, too, but it’s a bit expensive to replace these JLF sticks all the time and sometimes the simple solutions are really all you need.

The LS-32-01 will fit into the TE casing fine but has to be rotated 90 degrees for the screws to fit into the slots Mad Catz left for them. Furthermore, you have to remove the gate guard, the plastic sheet under it, AND the PCB to be able to screw it on the LS-32-01 mounting plate securely. Seimitsu did not exactly design the most convenient stick to screw in!

I think what happened was that the LS-32-01 is an evolution of an earlier stick, the LS-32, which does not have a PCB. Wiring had to be soldered directly to the switches in that earlier stick. Unfortunately, with the way the PCB with the wire harness pin connector was integrated into that earlier design the PCB overhangs the screw holes for the mounting plate on the LS-32-01… that’s why it’s sort of a pain to replace the JLF with an LS-32-01. The -01 literally has to be taken halfway apart to be screwed in securely!