TE stick, lights flash around guide button during play


I’ve been having this problem for a very long time now, past it’s warranty, and long before I dual modded it with an MC Cthulu.

The stick would work for a long period of time while it’s plugged in, but then it would randomly disconnect itself and all the 4 lights around the guide button flash at a steady pace. Re-plugging the stick in would make it work again, but the problem won’t go away.

I checked the soldered connections to the best of my knowledge, even replaced the wiring, but still getting the same issue. I even tried a different PCB from another madcatz stick, but still getting the same problem. I never get the issue when I’m on Cthulu mode, so I would imagine this is a madcatz problem?

The last thing I want is an unwanted DQ during a tourny match :confused:


Did you check the USB cord/ system cord?


I had the exact same problem. Called Mad Catz and they are repairing it for $20 for me. Unlike you, I didn’t mod anything and only had it for a week off ebay.