TE Stick Malfunctioning?

Sorry, didn’t see a stick thread.

Sometimes when I hit 2 or 3 on my TE Stick and try and go to neutral or forwards, my character stays crouched for a half second… is my stick malfunctioning? Anyone have this happen to them with their TE stick?

The weird thing is; the game is reading the inputs, as I’ve turned on Input Display in training mode…

Do you have the top slider set to DP? Mine would do that if its set to LS.

Make sure your top slider is set to DP (D-Pad) as opposed to LS (left stick) or RS (Right stick). Once you’ve got it set to DP, slide the lock slider on top left to “lock” just to ensure you dont accidentally clip it whilst playing.

Ah, I remember that happening to me. I was playing online for a while and it was fine and dandy, until moves started coming out all weird. After I stopped playing, I looked at it and lo and behold, it was the dp slider.

Forgot about this thread - turns out it was the switch. Thanks for the replies.

Anyone mind explaining to me what the utility of that switch is?

to make you go crazy.

if you think thats bad, before you goto bed turn the lock on. youll be wondering why you can send messages for days…