TE Stick Metal Panel modding

anyone have a pic of what the metal top panel looks like minus the artwork? Has anyone tried to buff it out? Just curious if whats under the artwork and if it’s possible to do anything with it.

It’s just a metal panel with screw holes, button holes and 4 screw holes for mounting the JLF (it also may or may not have grinded down screws, I think it depends on when it was bought.) What do you plan on doing with it? Painting it, adding extra button holes? If you don’t have the tools at hand it may just be cheaper to buy a custom plexi replacement from www.tek-innovations.com

I was just curious to what it looks like. Thin I saw someone on here brush it once and gave it an industrial look. I’m probably just gonna go with a full plexi replacement. Just wondering if anyone has ever did anything with it aside from covering it up with artwork.

I sanded mine down and spray painted it with automotive paint. I have an SE Metal Panel though, but same thing really.


well i bought a plexi replacement and in less than a week smashed it in a drunken stupor during online matches (stupid lag). I have a TE-S and am having a buddy make a metal copy of the top plastic.i thought of just using the metal as the plexi replaces just this part. i did some measuring and both the plastic and metal measure 1/16th of an inch each sandwiched together it makes them 1/8th of an inch. not sure if you just use the metal whether the snap on buttons will have issue.BTW the plexis are great. it was my ham fists that did it in. the quality is great. just dont smash your stick in anger against your lap.

Yeah that’s the only thing that worried me about the plexi’s…the fact that they are plexi. That actually looks great 56k you have any pics of it installed?

Here is a picture of my TE panel that I powder coated and changed it to six button configuration if you want I can take a better picture of it later. The thing with the TE panel is you need it to be powder coated as apposed to painted because spray paint is limited to how many coats you can apply unless you add some sort of filler like bondo or something where with powder coating you can add as many layers as you want to get it level with the bezel and have your stick still tough as nails. Anything that has too many layers of regular paint will show every little nick and divot and look like shit