TE Stick - Modding Necessary?

Hi, I’m thinking of getting the Madcatz TE stick since it’s on sale locally where I am for $160 taxes in.

Now compared to the cheaper sticks, I know that the TE stick uses way better parts. Because of the better parts, would it be necessary for me to mod it to make it better, or are the parts in it already considered quite well?


Modding the TE stick is not necessary as it already has quality sanwa parts. However, you can if you choose to, such as adding a plexi top, changing buttons, changing joysticks.

By changing joysticks you mean if like I prefer a stick to ball, or do you mean by like the gates or whatever (I’m a noob). I read around, and it says that the TE stick has a square gate (easier to tell diagonals I guess).

Since the parts are quality Sanwa, what I’m modding is basically the aesthetics outsides the joystick, right? And what would the plexiglass do? I do some Googling, and I’m under the impression it’s mostly for switching artwork.

This will be my first stick, so please bare with me. Going straight to a TE hopefully won’t be a regret :stuck_out_tongue:

You can change the Joystick’s ball top, octogonal gate, dust washer, or even put in a completely different joystick (seimitsu). And yes, the plexi is just for if you want to put your own artwork.

? Yes, plexi is so you can have artwork.

The laminate that is on there is not clear and you can’t put a picture on it without arthogs plexi (which is AMAZING btw)

The plexi is the easiest, and best way to put your own art work on the stick.

you dont have to switch anything, there is no reason (sans asthetics) to switch anything after all that is why you paid the premium price!