TE stick not responding correctly

i have a round 1 te stick. When i move or hold back on the stick, sometimes there is a 1-2 sec lag before it responds (so if i hit back x2 quickly to dash it doesnt always input x2 back). im curious to know which parts may be at fault here? and if there is any way for me to test it without having to swap out new parts.


Too many factors to say, including lag from your television set.

If your TE works with your PC, test it out on the control panel in your PC. Xbox 360 TEs are fine, and PS3 TEs are compatible with only Intel based motherboards for the PC.

slide switch to DP

i am refering to 1-2 seconds of it not responding. i did not mean 1-2 frames . i move the stick back (left) and nothing happens (occassionaly)…so its as if there is no input

unfortunately i cannot test it on my PC =(.

ive used lp and dp the results are the same =/

it should be on DP for fighting games.
LP gives it that delay response for many people.

Sounds to me like you need to clean out your switches or get new switches. Open it up, take off the gate, pull off the pcb with the switches on it, open the black switch boxes and blow out any material you see in there. The covers on the switches come off easily but be gentle and do not break the board they are soldered to. If this doesn’t work, you probably need new switches. If you are east coast, lizardlick delivers fast and they are very reliable.

good to know ty

ok will try this out and see what happens thanks

i cleaned the microswitches pcb or the red things and the input seems to work correctly now. im not having any issues of it reading back (left) atm. thanks m8… i was scared to open the black thing cuz i didnt seem to want to come off, perhaps i was doing it wrong but i cleaned the gunk on red switches.

Yeah, the covers kind of slowly come off and it seems like you might be breaking them but you won’t. You kind of just wedge them off a little from each corner. The actual area you blew off was where the metal contacts are, right? Like… when the red switch presses in, it forces the two metal contacts to meet. Exactly at the point where they meet is where you should be concerned. A few times, I had build up of dust or something there and it interfered with the contact. LAst time I tried this, it was a no go and had to order a new set and all was back to normal. Costs about 20$ w/shipping if you get the switches and pcb board as one piece (easy way…no soldering).

afiak i cleaned off both… i was looking at the microswitch pcb the other day … it was the one piece w/o soldering but thankfully i dont need it atm since cleaning fixed my issue. anyways that will be a buy for me since i dont want to solder nor do i have the equipment to do it.