TE stick on its way, should I keep it?

SFIV is the first fighting games I’ve played in years, and I’ve never really played with a stick before. Should I sell the TE stick for some money, and then get a lower end stick?

Give it a try and see if you like it… The stick hype is somewhat over with the second shipment so you may not be able to ‘cash in’ like you would have a couple of months back. You’ll definitely be able to sell it if you decide you don’t want it.

The real question is do you see yourself playing fighters a month from now, 3 months from now, a year from now?

If you answered yes to all 3, maybe you should consider keeping it.

once you get the TE in your hands, I doubt you’ll want to sell it.

It’s a gorgeous stick.

I couldn’t disagree more. I have sold some of the 2nd shipment sticks and they are still profitable on ebay. Maybe not 4 or 5 hundred but can still net you $100 profit.

Hardly. With plenty of TEs on eBay going for $205-$220 shipped, you would be lucky to make $50 profit.

QFT. They are going for close to $200 now.

No, sell the stick and wait for the MvC 2 TE stick since the re-release was just announced…Yea keep the stick, its awesome stuff

I’m currently building my own with some parts already here, have an order down for an AIAB (that won’t come for several months I think), and also a preorder for a TE at EB Canada that might eventually get filled. Is there a point for me to keep 3 sticks? :rofl: I’m basically happy with my custom + the AIAB, but it is tempting to go pick up the TE as well since I’ve waited so long for it, collectors’ item etc etc.

No. You want to sell it to me (waves jedi hand).

Keep it, you probably will love it.

profiting 100$?

Have you ever sold on ebay?

They take 3% of final, another 3% from paypal.

Then you pay the listing fee. Then you pay for shipping. And you waste time packaging and taking it to the post office.

If it sells for 200 shipped. You’d be lucky if you break even let alone make profit

id say keep it for king of fighters, mvc2, and whatever else in the future

Ebay now takes roughly 10-13 percent in fees not including paypal. A 100 dollar sale has around 10 dollars in fees.

even worse lol… I havent sold in awhile and it use to be 3%.

10% is ridiculous. ebay sucks now.

seriously ebay is ridiciouls they need to make another auction site

I think selling it and getting a lower end stick may leave you with less money then you might think. Look at the other posts here regarding ebay fees. The lower end stick will still cost you enough money, so the difference may not be that much. So stick (pun!) with the TE.
Might be different if you don’t want a stick at all, then just go on and sell it.

I’ve been waiting so long for my TE now that I started building my own. (Mine is due for delivery in June here in europe, meh) Due to limited time my hobby since then has changed from ‘gaming’ to ‘stick building’ more or less.

I’ve been hearing on this very site that the TE has been having problems or some shit. And even at the “Jab Strong Fierce” tournament the other day, I kept hearing a bunch of top players saying that the TE stick sucked, because they were forced to use em.

I’m with-holding the names out of respek, but I mean, what’s the deal? Does anybody have any legitimate argument against the TE?

Dude, i got the SE stick, ordered Sanwa joystick and buttons. Its all in the post now, when i get it, i’ll have a TE quality stick saving myself around 70 quid.

Do any of the following strings of words mean anything to you?
King of Fighters XIII
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Tekken 6

If you can say yes to one of more of those things you might have your answer.
(damn this is a good year for fighting games)

70 quid jeez :lol:. It’s ridiculous how much the stick costs outside the US I got mine for AU$299 which is like US$210/140 quid.

OP keep the stick dude. You won’t be making crazy money anymore and is making around $20 off it really worth the time and effort?

It’s a really nice stick, I got mine today and I’ve been a pad person all my life minus the few arcade visits here and there and I’m starting to get used to it already.