TE Stick pcb fried... options?

Plugged in my TE stick the other night to an xbox that was switched on. Home button lit up solid once for about a second, then went off entirely. It just does that when I plug it in now, the light comes on solid for about a second then goes off completely and it remains unresponsive.

I tried contacting madcatz, but the only thing they’d offer was to give me a replacement TE stick. The problem being mine is modded with new artwork and buttons/balltop. The sticker at the bottom was also ripped and a couple of the original buttons were also damaged slightly on removal.

So, basically sending it back to them is not an option, and they don’t think they can even offer me a replacement PCB, but they’re checking it out and emailing me about it.

If I can’t get one from them, what is the cheapest way for me to get a hold of a pcb I can use in a TE stick, and is there a guide anywhere for a straight up faulty pcb replacement, rather than a dual mod?


i believe people have requested new pcb’s from them to replace themselves. maybe someone who has done that can confirm.

other than that, a padhack of some sort would be your only option i think.

Sorry, meant to say - I asked the guy if they could send out a replacement pcb since they’d been really quick to send me a replacement breakaway cable beforehand, but he said the only thing they could offer was a replacement te stick.

is a padhack just a case of taking apart a pad and using a pcb from it? is it relatively simple? Never done any soldering work before.

Pad hacking isn’t hard but can be confusing to the inexperienced. There are plenty of tutorials out there.

Options for you to search for in the Tech Forums:
4716 Madcatz Pad Hack
SF4 Fightpad Pad Hack
Paewang Revolution PCB into a TE (This would give you PS3 & 360 for ~$25 more and is relatively easy. You can get these from laugh @ eTokki.com)

OR you can go check the Trading Outlet for people who do modding… Don’t know any in the UK off the top of my head but I’m sure there is a thread for someone over there in that section. Search it out.