TE Stick problem (broken?)

Hi All,

I have a TE Stick that I purchase back in July. It worked just great up until a couple weeks ago. Now the stick is all messed up. It is not registering my inputs properly (the stick only, the buttons work fine). It has a particularly difficult time with the diagnols, and is slow to move between Back or Forward to DB or DF.

Sometimes it feels like it is stuck in a certain position and it takes a second for it to become ‘unstuck.’ Right now it is barely playable.

Any help is greatly appreciated (also, I should probably note that this problem is not due to me having the stick setting set on ‘LS or RS’. It is set on ‘DP’).


your harness borked or microswitches died. worst case scenario pcb died. im leaning towards the harness tho. the are so terrible

Is there a way to fix this, or should I just call Mad Catz and send it in?


Open that bitch up! Take a pic and post it here.

make sure the switch for the stick is set on d-pad and not the analog sticks, that threw me off once or twice


It is set to D-Pad.

Would opening the stick void my warranty?


Sorry, double post

if u open from the top no, from the bottom yes. there is nothing in the bottom tho. get a size 3 key to open the face