TE stick problem - help please

First, thanks to anyone that offers help.

Second: this is the problem. When doing a half or quarter circle motion from the two player side I get an extra down input and sometimes an extra down left input. So normally I would get a fireball if I did a half circle with Gouken but now I am getting DPs if I have no meter and a super if I do have meter.

the input for half a circle will looks like B, DB, D, DF, D, F or B, DB, D, DF, D, DF, F

Is this simply a matter of opening and replacing the stick (I have spares) or is it just a connector or? Any ideas would be helpful, I can’t play until I fix this somehow.

Thanks again

Hard to say to be certain.

Here, read this, try this out.

This way you can see your inputs shown on a screen as raw input data in real time. Afterwards you know if it is your stick or your executions.

Let us know how that works out.

It’s def not my input, I’ve thrown way too many fireballs from the 2 player side to mistakenly do a super 5 times in a row when trying to do a fireball in training mode :wink: I’ll definitely give that a run though.

I did drop the stick last night and it landed “face” down. I’m guessing it messed something up.

Could be the stick, could be the board - if you’ve got a spare, give it a go hooked up loose and see, before you go the whole hog and re-mount the whole thing.

Process of elimination. First try replacing the stick, if that still doesn’t work, then check the wiring, then the PCB.

Yeah I’ve got at least 2 spare sticks and I have a PCB in an old TE. Sucks, I’m no good with this crap, I really didn’t want to mess with this one since it’s the all white no sf4 one from Japan.

Thanks guys. It was the cherry switches or whatever they are called on TEs.

Microswitches - glad your problem was resolved.