TE stick problem, help

I just got my TE stick today.
After playing for 6 hours, I had 2 problems already. I need your help.
1.RT(HK) button didnt work once. I reconnected the stick to my 360 and the problem went away.
2.The stick disconnected itself once. Again I had to reconnect it to make it work.

So, whats wrong with my TE stick here? any ideas? Thanks

check the disconnect, seems to be an issue for the 360 versions…

check this out it might help. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=178793

I have the same problem, reconnecting the breakaway cable makes it go away for awhile… pretty sad that I’m starting to see more posts/threads about TE stick problems after all this time when people are finally starting to get them.


Most likely faulty PCB. I had MadCatz replace the one in my TE and all has been well so far.

omg it’s not possible that a so high number of 150 or more USD has these problems.

that means i have to send it back? >_<
Oh no… i just got it and i had waited for so long…

Yeah I got mine yesterday and I plugged it in for the very first time, tried to power it on with the guide button and got nothing. I was pretty pissed. I unplugged the disconnect and plugged it back in and then it worked. Do you think leaving it plugged into the 360 while the system is off will do anything to the stick?

Don’t freak out – I had the exact same button stop working twice. I unplugged the break-away cable and replugged it. I’ve used the stick for 20+ hours since then and have had no problems. Don’t despair.

It happened again today. I emailed madcatz just in case. Ill keep this thread up to date.

my friend had the same problem. but his issue was the that the quick disconnects where faulty and loose just replaced it and tightened a few.

have you tried to open it up or anything?

thanks for letting me kno that. I just dun wanna open it and void warrenty…>_<

does opening the top void the warranty?

How does madcatz know if it’s void?

the same thing has happened to mine but i disconnected and reconnected and it’s been fine for a few hours before bed.

But I also swapped the Balltop and square gate for an octo.

Lets hope this is just a temporary thing and will go away.
I’ll post here if anything happen again

For those of you with problems, do you have sticks for 360 or PS3?

360 Just recently received in Australia from an April shipment.

From what I read, it’s mostly the 360s.

Anyone with a TE stick for the 360 that has no problems whatsoever?

I also have the same problem: For the 360 TE stick, HK (RT) button stopped working during use. However, once I used the Xbox Guide Button to power off the system, the LED for the Guide Button remained lit even after the system was off.

I managed to track down the problem. The HK (RT) button would only stop working when I played HD Remix. I was able to duplicate this failure at least two times.

Mine stopped working while I was playing sf4