TE stick problem or wear and tear?


Hey there, so I have been using playing with the TE stick I got for about 2-3 weeks now. The stick seems to be working fine still but I noticed something different with it today. The joystick feels very loose when I wobble it around lightly (before you hear the clicks). I don’t recall the stick being like this before. Other than that everything seems fine. So I’m just wondering why the joystick seem to got looser, is it because it’s from normal wear and tear or did I do something to it and damaged it? Thanks!


This is my first stick (TE) and I’m just guessing the 4 switches inside the JLF get worn in after heavy use. Mine is a bit more loose compared to when it was fresh. Don’t worry unless you can’t play with it anymore. …annd don’t beat up on your stick because I used to be really forceful with mine until recently. I actually bruised me wrist. How about that?! Gaming related injuries. Don’t call me a nerd. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s normal, you also don’t have to be gentle with the stick. Its Sanwa parts, they were designed for hours up hours of rough play, I mean just look at how people mash and play rough at the arcades.


If the stick is a little loose, that’s fine. You can probably apply the JLF ultimate mod to it and it might feel less loose. Its the buttons you should be more worried about. My arcade uses Sanwa buttons for all their games and they usually need to be replaced every now and then.


this is happening to me as well… i am able to wiggle the stick more then usual b4 it recognizes an input…

doesnt bother me much… just wanted to show u you’re not alone ^^


ah okay, if it’s normal then there’s not much to do bout it lol. Just feels a bit weird with it being loose that’s all.


if you don’t mind me asking, what is the JLF ultimate mod?



Basically you put a spring inside the JLF’s spring.


that looks really complicated as I have no experience with modding sticks whatsoever. And I’m afraid to even try it as I don’t want to mess the stick up and at the same time void the warranty =/


Pretty much, opening it voids the warranty. But after you open it, the rest of this is pretty easy. The e-ring is the hardest, just don’t lose it.
The rest is about as easy as a Lego Technic set. There are only a few items that can be put in upside down, and the youtube videos make it clear how to take it apart and put it back together.

In the meantime, leave it alone and don’t worry about it unless it stops working.


i was wondering the same thing, cuz my sanwa on my SE is loose and i got a TE yest and it feels amazing. Imma see if my SE needs a new PCB and/or spring.


You could just add a spring. TONS of people buy these springs at Home Depot for i think 3.99? Its a pack of multisprings and they have like 2 springs that exactly fit in a JLF. increases tension and keeps the stick from feeling “broken in”, even though thats generally whats supposed to happen.


I would totally do that, but I’m so new to this I don’t think its worth me risking breaking the stick and voiding the warranty at the same time =/ Maybe I might try looking for something in my area that can do it for me for a fee lol.