Te stick problems


Seeing as no one would give my question the time of day in the bigger threads, I had no choice but to make my own…

Does anyone else notice a slight squeaky noise on the TE’s when you dash down?

I just got mine a few days ago and have found that shifting the joystick down makes a different sound compared with the other angels…

all I’m asking for is a yes (mine does the same thing) or a no (I don’t have that problem)

I don’t think that’s too much to ask…


53 views…and not one person willing to help me out…

Thanks SRK!


No, mine doesn’t squeak.


now that you mention it i notice a bit of a squeak only on the downward motion on my TE stick as well… i only got mine about 2 weeks ago.

Another thing i notice which bothers me more, is how the stick + ball placed atop of it feel loosely screwed together and freely turn as im trying to play…is it supposed to be like that?

EDIT: i forgot to mention my stick is Madcatz TE SF4 round 2


The stick is definitely supposed to spin freely.

If you did search for “SQUEAK” …you’d come across 2 handfuls of posts about lubricating your stick. Other than that I have never seen an alternate reason for a stick squeaking.


Thats funny, I just did a search for squeak, and nothing turned up except this thread lol. The rest was just bs. I am going to do a search for “lubricating” in hopes that there is some info.

To OP:
Mine does this as well.


Thanks guys…glad I’m not the only one…

and yeah I did tried searching under words like “squeak” “stick” and “down” but all I got was a bunch of random threads…

never was good at using search features though…

forgive a noob…still learning…