TE Stick Question; Modifying


Hey guys. Does anybody know whether there’s a way to loosen the stick on the TE’s? If so, would somebody like to enlighten me.


change the spring, try different ones from the depot but honestly just play more itll be loose soon enough. Good luck@@@@!!


Jeeze. The JLF is already loose as hell. I think what you want is a smoother feel like cherry switches or an optical stick. If not, you might have to break the spring in or you could try cutting the JLF spring to make it even more loose.


I don’t know man…I’ve had multiple TE’s and the JLF’s on them werent consistent with eachother. Some were more stiff then others, but it just happened to be that my friend got one with the perfect looseness I was looking for. Yes I want something loose and smooth. Just not flimsy loose. Though Im trying to work with what I have. Like just changing the spring like what was mentioned by the first poster.


I don’t know, you can try removing a ring or two from the spring or just try stretching it a lot to loosen it up.


Okay. Ill take a look. Thanks.


Not all JLFs are the same, because they are not in the same production batches. So, there is always a bit of inconsistency.

I actually played on a candy cab, but the rubber pivot cylinder was damaged on the JLF, so it would always rest on the edges of the deadzone instead of neutral, but it made it feel like spring problem. Maybe if you squash that, it’d be what you liked. Heh.

As pzlate said, you can cut rings from the spring off, or stretch, both will loosen the spring. More info on cutting the springs was in this thread http://shoryuken.com/f177/easy-happ-light-spring-mod-229341/

Though, that was with Happ. You may not want to cut off two rings at once to start.