TE Stick Question

I find this TE stick madness unnecessary. It is a stick in the end, its parts are the exact arcade joysticks and pushbuttons okay fair enough. But if that is the case, their components are obtainable via LL or Akihabara without going into trouble of waiting months and months for MC to restock the stick.

No no no, seriously, am I missing anything ? I have never seen a TE stick irl hence I am asking;

what makes it soooo special sooooo amazing that people go crazy over it?

Does the PCB cook too ? Can you control the AC with the stick ? Or can you use the pushbuttons as remote control ? Is it a mobile phone at the same time ?

I am just curious, can anybody who has experience with TE stick; explain why according to them TE stick is better than a fully customized Sanwa stick and OSBF buttons?

People are tending to pay ridiculous prices just because it is out of stock :lame:


i will admit since owning TE stick it has given me god powers beyond mere mortals that do not own the TE stick. mere men that do not own the TE stick will simply not understand the power of the TE.

My GF got one, she says it is the best and biggest stick she has ever laid her hands on. She thinks they should make one with force feedback, noob girl doesnt realize that a vibrating stick would ruin your game.

I don’t really get why I am getting - repped for the question. All I wanted to know is what makes it so special compared to another custom stick that uses exact same parts; so that many people prefer waiting for it to be restocked.


Generally speaking, the people paying ridiculous prices either don’t realize they could get a custom stick for the same or less, or just don’t care and want something NOW. At retail price, the TE is an excellent buy, as a custom stick is almost guaranteed to run you more. Even at a slightly inflated price, it may be worth paying as much as a custom to not have to wait, because most if not all of the custom stick builders have a pretty good waiting list thanks to the SF4 rush.

completely agree. paying SLIGHTLY more for the TE stick is still worth it imo (i paid retail). alot of custom stick makers are charging around 200 dollars give or take so at retail the TE stick is a good deal.

OK I’ve had my TE Stick for a couple of weeks and just recently received my HRAP 3. Honestly, I like the HRAP 3 better. They share the same stick, yet the stick in the HRAP3 feels better and I can execute moves better [might be a stiffer spring, or mounting nonsense], although I do prefer the Sanwa buttons on the TE stick. I don’t wanna open up the TE stick and void the warranty, but I have no reservations about cracking open that HRAP, can’t wait to get my buttons.

I’m one of those people who paid a “ridiculous” price to get my TE stick. As bakageta pointed out, it was simply a matter of getting it now…since all other sticks are also a long wait I figured I’d pay a little more for what many people are calling the best. Well, I received mine yesterday and the joystick input gets stuck in one direction and the device is completely unusable.

Regarding your negative rep, it’s probably just because you’re new. There’s nothing horribly wrong with your post and it doesn’t seem to duplicate an existing thread. Personally, I have spent a good amount of time looking for info on why people think the TE is so great compared to others and it would have been nice to see a thoughtful response. Anyway, people love to feel elite over things like rep and join dates and it makes them feel special and powerful to give out negative rep, so I wouldn’t let it bother you. Join enough forums and on some you’ll be the hero and on others you’ll be the goat.

The price comes from supply/demand, which is the obvious answer. Why is demand so high though? Marketing and licensing (which was part of the marketing). Why is a specific Batman PEZ dispenser worth so much more than the others? Rarity and licensing. There will be some price fluxuations, but I think in the end, the sticks will hold a very decent value.