TE stick replacement PCB question (was in warranty at the time)

Ok, this is way way late for what happened, but here’s my story.

In November 2010, I bought 2x TE Round 2s for PS3 from the GameShark store. One for me (which has worked fine), and one for my brother, which he took to China. A couple months later (still within warranty!!!), he contacted me to say that the down input on his TE stopped functioning, which apparently is a common malfunction of the PCB. I contacted MadCatz tech support to see if I could get a replacement to send over to him, and was able to get a rep to agree to send me one once he found one (I believe their name was Rob M or F?). 3 weeks later, I had nothing. Obviously, by this time I was out of warranty. I called MadCatz again multiple times, but was on hold for over an hour a couple times and never got a person. I tried email and nothing. I tried contacting Markman twice on another forum (cheapassgamer) - the first time he ignored me, I called him out in a thread, he responded saying to message him again, so I messaged him again, and he ignored me again. I gave up in disgust.

My brother comes back from China tomorrow for a couple weeks, and I just remembered this situation and was wondering if there was anything I could do to get a replacement PCB for him.

Quite honestly, in my experience, MadCatz has horrible tech support. Their products are decent (between my brother and I we have 3x TE and 1x SE sticks, and only that 1 TE has broken), but good luck if you need help with it…

never had a problem with down on a round 2, try swapping the jlf pcb before you decide it’s the 360 pcb

It was PS3, not 360, but I’ll ask.

Ok, he said he moved the JLF around to other sticks and it worked fine, so now that that’s solved, where would I go about bugging MadCatz for a replacement PCB on a channel that actually gets responses?

if you don’t get a response you could always get someone to fix it for you and install a new pcb

hit us up at J& J… I think I still have a ps3 pcb… Or I might be able to fix your original…

Sorry. It’s not that I’m ignoring you, I’m busy and I apologize. I can help forward your info to tech support again. Unfortunately I am not in tech support so I can’t send it out for you myself. Feel free to contact me again (I’m in the office until Jan 5th.) so I will definitely be able to follow up this time.

I’ll ask my brother if he just wants to buy one at this point. I was hoping to avoid that, since I DID have someone at MadCatz agree to send me a PCB, they just conveniently forgot about me. Unfortunately since the stick itself is now in China, there’s no way to bring it around to get fixed, but he says he has modder friends over there.

I’ll keep you guys in mind though, I’ve been debating getting a dual mod on my own sticks but can’t justify it since I don’t generally buy fighting games for 360 (or pay for XBL…).

How do I contact you? Phone the tech support line? I’ve tried that route before.

Email me, I just sent you a private message with my email. I’ll forward your info to our head tech support guys.

Yeah MadCatz tech support tends to have problems like that. I had to get a replacement pcb sent to me back in 2010 and it took them three tries and almost 2 months to get it through to me. To be fair though I think USPS might be fucking with their packages since the ps3 pcb had to be sent with the whole cable compartment and with the wire attached.

I also have the same problem, and I made a thread about it without knowing this one existed: Rd2 TE pcb failure

my 360 rd2 te was working flawlessly until this happened. markman, please help me out!

Just wanted to update with the fact that despite Markman saying tech support would contact me that day (6 days ago), they still never have.

One more strike against MadCatz tech support!

I’m sorry, they’re busy. I’m not in the office so I’ll remind them again.

Just wanted to say I give up. Definitely not buying anything more by MadCatz now. Thanks Markman for cementing that.