TE stick. Roundhouse stops working, need to replug in stick


Its basically in the title. Every so often, seeming randomly, after using the stick the roundhouse button will just stop working.

I’ve tried changing the button… no change. It is very random though, it could happen after 3 hours of playing or 10 minutes.

Also when this happens the turbo functionality stops working which is weird, like whatever happens effects both the button and the turbo stuff simultaneously.

To fix it I have to unplug and then plug it in again, is it a problem with the circuit board or something? D:


I know it’s a known issue… I’m on my iPod so I can’t search for a solution now.


Oh really? I tried searching, but I guess the search terms are pretty vague


That is a known madcatz PCB problem for it to stop working in the triggers. There are no known fixes other than completely replacing your PCB. You could try calling madcatz customer support. Or find someone to mod it with a different PCB.


So long as you haven’t opened it, because that voids warranty.


Yeah I opened it to change the button. Ah well I guess I got to live with unplugging it, I just hope it doesn’t happen in an important match.


Save some cash and get someone to replace the pcb if you don’t feel safe doing it yourself. I think people do that…?

Shoot you could get it dual modded too while you’re at it.


Yes, it is an easy replacement to a good modder.

However, I’m guessing you don’t use the 3 punches and 3 kicks buttons? What you can do is unplug the two wires connected to the 3 punches button, and connect that to your roundhouse button. Now your roundhouse button will be LB, but the PCB doesn’t have problems with the bumpers like the triggers. You’ll have to remap your buttons in-game (but not for MvC2! :lol:), but at least you won’t ever have the problem.


Ah yeah I forgot. If you are using 3p/3k then just stop and replace, haha.

6 buttons > 8 buttons all day :slight_smile:


OK I’ll try that, yeah I only play 3s really so no need for the other two, even in SSFIV you don’t need them.

Thanks for your help, If I mess it up ill just get a new PCB =p