TE stick rubber foot problem


Got a new TE stick and really like it. One problem i have with it is it wont sit even on the table. I thought it was the table but tried it on others i sure were flat. I assume one of the rubber feet is slightly off as it wobbles a little bit diagonally. Is this an easy fix?


Mine does that too. I don’t care because it’s on my lap.


hi rich!




my hori ex2 was like that

found out it wasnt the rubber feet, as when i took the base plate off it was as even.
so i figured it must be the case thats uneven. so i screwed all the screws back on except for one screw in the top corner which i left a bit loose… then it sat on my table flat and even… if i tighten the last screw… it would not be even…


I just messed with the screws on my TE and it’s now even… Just screw and unswerw some to make it lay flat as hanz said. It works!